Sous Vide Cooking Baths from Grant

Grant has applied its great expertise in precision temperature control to create an exciting range of sous vide equipment designed to serve the needs of chefs working with sous vide cooking techniques. To learn more about Grant follow this link

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Sous Vide
Cooking Baths

SVE and SVP Sous Vide Cooking Baths
Entry-level Professional range and advanced Expert range sous vide cooking baths.

Sous Vide
Built-In Baths

Bult-In Sous Vide Cooking Baths
Built-in sous vide cooking baths - integrated into kitchen worktop.

Universal Stirred

The Universal Stirred Heater, providing flexibility and convenience for chefs using sous vide cooking techniques.

Grant sous vide baths have been put to the test by leading chefs who have found them to be ideal for a variety of applications, including sous vide cooking. Their comments say it all.

What the chefs say...

The Grant water baths are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in our kitchens. They fit in well, and with their precise temperature control are great for both cooking and the development of new dishes. Equally important, they are also solid reliable ‘workhorses’, helping us to produce dishes of consistently high quality day in day out and with minimum hassle in...

Ashley Palmer-Watts,
The Fat Duck Group

At Alimentum we have found the Grant SV200 to be a great asset to our kitchen and busines. The versatility of the Grant Universal Stirred Heater has enabled us to enhance our sous vide cooking technique, whilst offering all the benefits of the Grant sous vide baths. I`ve been delighted with the superb, responsive service from Grant.

Mark Poynton,

I have found the Grant Water Bath to be an indispensable kitchen tool. The accuracy of the equipment ensures I can be consistent in cooking times at a guaranteed temperature. The digital display means the user can set the temperature easily, simply and with total accuracy. The built in thermostat ensures the temperature stays even and variations are minimal and naturally...

Anthony Demetre,
Arbutus Restaurant

Grant Sous vide baths are very reliable product ( one of its biggest strength)and has become an indispensible kitchen tool in our operation. It’s a great tool for creating new dishes as well as trying new techniques. The accuracy of the Grant Sous vide machine is impeccable which guarantees consistency throughout which is key in a busy kitchen operation.

Sascha Triemer,
Atlantis The Palm

Grant water baths are one of the best things to happen to our kitchen in a long time. There are lots of similar products coming on the market but the Grant bath is king for its easy use and as for the mobile stirred heat, GENIUS!!!!

Richard Bainbridge & Galton Blackiston,
Morston Hall

Since starting to use Grant water baths we have been able to further develop the technique in our kitchen which has helped in the creation of some very exciting new dishes. We are using the baths in many different ways and we find that the more we use them, the more ideas we come up with. Cooking with such accurate control is a great help in achieving consistent end...

Mark Askew,
Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

We've been using the Grant Water Bath for over a year now. The accuracy of this equipment gives us the ability to create exciting new dishes as well as giving us what every chef wants, consistency. We use the bath hours on end and it has proven extremely durable, something every kitchen shouldn’t be without.

Lee Cowie,
Sir Richard Branson`s Moroccan Retreat

Prue Leith Chefs Academy is of the opinion that graduated culinary students should know how to use specialised equipment before entering the industry. Sous vide has become a cooking method widely used in South African and international kitchens. Grant baths have made it possible for the Academy to offer curriculum based instruction and dishes on our restaurant menu that...

Lorraine Meaney,
Prue Leith Chefs Academy

I have been using Grant water baths in my kitchen at The Berkeley for a number of years and continue to find them a great asset. They enhance traditional cookery methods and allow us to develop new ideas for menu changes. The water baths are highly reliable and withstand constant use whilst maintaining consistent temperatures. They are invaluable addition to our kitchen.

Marcus Wareing,
The Berkeley

I have used many brands of sous vide baths and stirrers throughout my career, and have found Grant to be the easiest to use, most efficient and most durable out of them all. Grant Scientific Equipment is in all three of our 5-star hotels because it gives us piece of mind knowing that our baths are never off by more that a fraction of a degree- at all times, which ensures...

Peter Tempelhoff,
The Collection By Liz McGrath

It gives me great pleasure to endorse both the products, service and after sales attention and service by the personnel at Grant Instruments. As an ex Professional Chef turned Hotelier, living in a 3rd World Country, but requiring 1st World resources, I turned to Grant a few years ago for their help and advice, and have been using their equipment ever since.

Ray Clark,
The Samaya Bali

I have used Grant baths for several years now, I have found them to be consistent, exceptional quality and their customer service outstanding. As a consultant my reputation in recommending kit that is reliable and works, is paramount! I believe any business that serves food can benefit from using Grant baths to enhance their consistency, quality and profit from a café to...

Jeremy Medley MCGB,

The Grant bath has proved to be an incredibly flexible tool in the kitchen, both for routine cooking and for trying out new ways of cooking different foods. The accurate temperature control of the bath means that you can cook with great precision and reproduce dishes with great consistency, which is very important in a quality restaurant. It’s also very straightforward to...

Tom Aikens,
Tom Aikens Restaurant

"Here at Worcester Catering College we have been using the Grant sous vide bath almost every day since it arrived in September 2011. What a brilliant piece of kit! The students have now got the hang of it and they "fight" to use it, whether they are preparing meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, or eggs. Due to its popularity and versatility, we are now requesting a...

Nick Bryan,

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