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Grant sous vide is the UK’s leading manufacturer of sous vide water baths for professional kitchens. Our expertise in precision temperature control has allowed us to design an exciting range of products to meet the needs of chefs worldwide.

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Young Chef of The Year

The search is on for the Grant sous vide Young Chef of the Year 2015. Grant is looking for talented young chefs who are passionate about sous vide cooking. The winner is rewarded with a cash prize, SV200 and a sous vide training day with an award winning chef.

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What is sous vide cooking? Why choose to cook using the sous vide method? Find out more about our range, how to use our water baths, the benefits of using Grant baths and recipe ideas.

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I have been using Grant water baths in my kitchen at The Berkeley for a number of years and continue to find them a great asset. They enhance traditional cookery methods and allow us to develop new ideas for menu changes. The water baths are highly reliable and withstand constant use whilst maintaining consistent temperatures. They are invaluable addition to our kitchen.
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Our passion for sous vide prepared food means we’re always keen to help people find places to experience the benefits of sous vide. Our partner programme is centred around restaurants who actively use the sous vide technique.

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